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by Anonymous
from California
vehicle 2002 Buick Century and 204 Pontiac Grand AM

No on choosing 21st Century - Pease read and take heed!!!

Two separate incidents~~
1st incident: 21st Century after the accident, took nearly 5 weeks to send claim adjuster to inspect the vehicle AND over 3 months to send a check for the totaled vehicle.
Accident: Mothers Day 2004, rear ended by 3 other vehicles, after another vehicle comes continued...

by Michelle Spinelli
from Orlando, Fl
vehicle multiple

What a bunch of thieves

I've been with 21st since 2006 when they first came to Florida. Boy, were they're rates awsome. As our economy took a dump, their rates gradually increased every 6 mos with renewal.-I expected that. $88-$124-$157 monthly. Today I checked my renewal and my premium is now 1450 for 6 mos. ($255 a month!!!! continued...

by Gibson
from Florida

Will not use 21st Century Insurance again

We went thorough 21st Century for our car insurance, paid the up front premium. Got our first statement and they had increased our premium for 125.00. We called them back and they said they would take care of it. We then get a corrected bill and our names and policy quote had changed. My husband got continued...

by Anonymous
from california
vehicle several cars

poor customer service and long phone waits with disconnects

On the phone customer service is by the book, personal interaction is not their strong point in resolving concerns and complaints. Poor consistency since 21th century's recent company merger.
The claim department is ok once they decide to work for you.
Try harder 21st century

by M. Solomon
from San Francisco, CA
vehicle 2005/GMC/Envoy

Stay Away from 21st Century

I've gotten some serious hell when it comes to 21st Century Insurance! When I got into an accident with a person who had 21st Century Insurance it was a total and utter nightmare to try to be reimbursed for the damages on my vehicle! I was ignored time and time again whenever I called the company to continued...

by Greg White
from Philadelphia
vehicle 2003/Honda/Accord

10% raise in rates for 2008

I received my 2008 policy documents in yesterday's mail. I was shocked to see that my rates had been raised by $124.00 a year. Keep in mind that I had no tickets, no accidents and am a conscientious driver. I called 21st Century's Customer Care Center and asked why I was charged a sizeable increase. After continued...

by Anonymous

No answer from 21st Century Insurance

I've been trying to contact 21st century insurance about damages to my car which they're policy holder caused I get no answer and no call back. I have left multiple messages and still no answer.

by Anonymous

21st centiry insurance is bad company

21st Century Insurance makes it sound so great. They offer low rates when you sign up with them and then after they suck you in, they doulble your rates on your next years premium and then it triples on the 2nd years premium. They give you no explanation except that it's gone up State wide. We did continued...

by Anonymous
from San Antonio Texas
vehicle 2002 Chevrolet Prism


I attempted to purchase automobile insurance from 21st Century on 12/14/07. The company was paid on that date with a credit card. On Monday, 12/17/07 I attempted to reach 21st Century Insurance and was placed in HOLD queues for eternity. I never did learn if I had a policy on this date. On 12/18/07 continued...

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