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Esurance aims to take the hassle out of the insurance buying experience by making shopping for and managing auto insurance easier. Esurance operates in 22 states nationwide and covers 75% of drivers in the US, and through new technology is delivering a better and more environmentally friendly consumer experience, and saving insurance customers time and money into the bargain.

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Esurance was founded in 1999 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of the White Mountains Insurance Group, Ltd (listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the abbreviation WTM). Esurance is a direct-to-consumer auto insurance company that combines industry savvy and know-how with the latest technology to bring insurance customers hassle-free insurance coverage, 24/7 customer service and competitively priced insurance claims handling. Esurance is a different type of insurance company; dedicated to improving the way in which people shop for, purchase and manage their car insurance.

Esurance covers over 85% of the driving population of the United States, with coverage in Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin – 22 states in all.

Esurance’s website boasts state-of-the-art design and was rated by Change Sciences Group as the #1 most usable website for auto insurance in 2003. The company is fronted by our unique spokesperson “Erin Esurance”, who combines a day job as an insurance agent with a secret identity battling against villains and spreading the name of Esurance far and wide!

Esurance was launched in 1999 as an antidote to the traditional model of insurance company, which Esurance felt simply wasn’t catering to customers’ needs. For a long time now, Esurance has felt that people are paying too much for auto insurance, and few insurance companies give customers the sort of hands-on customer service they expect and deserve.

Thanks to new technology and a new approach to the insurance business, Esurance works in a different way to a traditional insurance company. Operating online, and not having a middleman, means that Esurance doesn’t have many of the costs that a normal insurance company would, and so the company is able to pass the savings directly on to the insurance customer. And this new technology means that customers can use the Esurance site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – so it’s customer convenience that comes first. Buying and managing auto insurance, and claims handling, suddenly became a whole lot easier.

Consumer Benefits: Why Esurance Is in Business

While Esurance is far from being a traditional insurance company in its use of technology, its business outlook certainly is. Customer service is the main focus of Esurance’s business, and the result is a dedication to customer care that distinguishes it from a typical insurance company.

Maximum Convenience

Nothing is more important to Esurance than customer convenience, and Esurance considers their website to be the best and easiest-to-use insurance website on the Internet. Insurance customers can instantly compare quotes, prices and offers to make an informed decision on the best type of auto insurance for their needs. Once chosen, policies can be bought online and insurance cards printed almost instantly. Driving records, claims records and other documentation can be collected and verified in real time, so buying auto insurance has never been easier.

Once the customer has acquired the policy of their choice, Esurance makes it simple to access and manage their details; making changes to policies, getting copies of insurance cards, or even reporting minor claims can all be done online. By harnessing this technology rather than using traditional paper communications, which are wasteful and environmentally unfriendly, Esurance is able to save money, which it can then pass on to the customer – and whatever paper Esurance does use is offset by its environmentally conscious tree-planting policy. Esurance also uses hybrid claims vehicles wherever possible.

Round-the-Clock Customer Service & Claims Handling

The State-of-the-art Esurance website means no more hassle trying to get through to an insurance company on the weekend. Esurance offers 24/7 customer service on every day of the year, so policyholders get back on the road quicker after an accident – no frustrating delays that sometimes bedevil policyholders with a traditional insurance company. Customer feedback for Esurance’s service standards is consistently excellent, and it’s something they take very seriously.

Tailor-Made Premium Savings

Esurance has revolutionized the way an insurance company does business. By eschewing traditional means of delivering insurance to customers in favor of judicious use of cutting-edge web technology, Esurance is able to offer superior service to insurance customers at lower prices and more affordable insurance rates. In addition, Esurance has refined and improved on traditional insurance pricing and underwriting models, so instead of being forced to accept insurance rates based on general attributes like age, location and so on, Esurance is able to personalize policies to consumers’ individual characteristics.

Informed Consumers

Auto insurance isn’t always easy to navigate through, and the jargon employed by the typical insurance company can be hard to understand. Esurance is dedicated to cutting through the legalese and believes that an informed insurance consumer is ultimately beneficial for policyholder and insurance company alike. As such, the Esurance website has several features that help the customer through the minefield of auto insurance, not least through its online Learning Center and “Esurance Insights” articles on the website, all of which highlight important topics to do with cars and safe driving, as well as general insurance awareness. In addition, Esurance’s interactive “Coverage Counselor” provides information about auto insurance that can help customers choose the policy and coverage that best reflect their needs, rather than those which an insurance company might want to sell.

Insurance: What Esurance Offers

Esurance is a subsidiary of White Mountains Insurance Group, Ltd. (NYSE abbreviation is WTM), which is a public company which specializes in property-casualty insurance and reinsurance. Esurance and White Mountains are a natural fit, as both share a commitment to bringing the best insurance practices to the customer, as well as a belief in rigorous financial discipline and pride of ownership.

Esurance is underwritten by Esurance Insurance Company and Esurance Property and Casualty Insurance Company, and A.M.Best gives both its A rating for excellence – so Esurance customers can count on their insurance coverage from Esurance.