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by Greg White
from Philadelphia
vehicle 2003/Honda/Accord

10% raise in rates for 2008

I received my 2008 policy documents in yesterday's mail. I was shocked to see that my rates had been raised by $124.00 a year. Keep in mind that I had no tickets, no accidents and am a conscientious driver. I called 21st Century's Customer Care Center and asked why I was charged a sizeable increase. After about 10 minutes of reviewing my records I was told that the company had incurred more claims than expected, and was passing their losses onto all their customers. How is this fair to the customers who aren't costing the company money in claims?

I find it amusing that the company's new television commercial (21st Century - AIG) stresses all the money you can save by signing up for their service. How long will they be able to undersell Geico and Allstate at this rate? They should be forthcoming about these rate increases in a commercial to their customers. It's the right thing to do.

I will remain a 21st Century customer through the next year. But should there be another rate increase like this next year, I will seek out another auto insurance company. I hope others will also. You have to take a stand at some point.

A Disatisfied Customer,
Greg White


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