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by M. Solomon
from San Francisco, CA
vehicle 2005/GMC/Envoy

Stay Away from 21st Century

I've gotten some serious hell when it comes to 21st Century Insurance! When I got into an accident with a person who had 21st Century Insurance it was a total and utter nightmare to try to be reimbursed for the damages on my vehicle! I was ignored time and time again whenever I called the company to find out what was going on with a claim. Finally, I had to break down and sue the person who hit me because the insurance company did absolutely nothing with the claim. I had to take my personal time and my money to bring the driver to court. I ended up missing out on work, not to mention the huge headache and hassle that the whole issue created. I couldn't believe that I was being treated in such a way: it was as if it was my fault that the accident happened when it wasn't! The only way I can describe it to you is to say that it was monstrous! If you ever fall the victim off 21st Century Insurance, you'll be in my prayers!


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