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American Family Insurance

American Family Insurance is a company that consistently puts people first. American Family Insurance views their customers as more than just a policy number; the company treats their customers as individuals and strives to meet their personal needs. American Family Insurance boasts a team of 4,300 independent agents and 8,100 employees who will work hard to meet their customers’ insurance needs, from the initial policy to assisting them with benefits.

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American Family Insurance

American Family Insurance makes a commitment of service to every customer. This commitment of service extends to fast, conscientious and fair claims service, as well as a promise of peace of mind. An insurance policy with a reliable and honest insurance company like American family Insurance can help ensure a customer’s financial protection.

How can a customer know if their insurance policy is good? Look to the insurance company backing the insurance policy, and their history of reliability. American Family Insurance has a long reputation, confirmed by years of quality customer service, personal attention, and consistent customer support.

A strong financial position enables American Family Insurance to protect its customers. Since American Family Insurance is a mutual company, customers are not only customers, but also owners. As a longstanding and well thought of insurance company, American Family Insurance can protect its customers from financial losses and provide the products and services that can meet customers’ needs now and for years to come.

American Family Insurance offers the wide range of services and products a customer would expect from an insurance company of its size and reputation. American Family Insurance has substantial financial resources that allow this insurance company to meet all of their customers’ insurance needs. Today American Family Insurance has approximately 14.6 billion dollars in assets and another 4.8 billion dollars in policyholder equity. Numbers like these mean that American Family Insurance can provide customers with the strength, stability, and care they need in an insurance company.

American Family Insurance began on October 3, 1927 with only three employees and 346 charter member policyholders. American Family Insurance operates offering a wide variety of financial and insurance products in eighteen states. Moreover, American Family Insurance is America’s third-largest mutual property and casualty insurance company. It is also the sixteenth-largest property and casualty insurance company in the nation.

With a wide selection of insurance and financial products, American Family Insurance can meet all the needs the customers might seek from an insurance company. With insurance products ranging from home and property insurance coverage to vehicle insurance policies, from health to life insurance, American Family Insurance is a one-stop shop for customers’ personal insurance requirements. American Family Insurance also provides business insurance and an array of financial products, including both annuities and loans.

Local American Family Insurance agents can assist customers in planning their insurance needs with a free Personal Insurance Review. Personal Insurance Reviews are not only helpful for new policyholders, but they are also important if customers’ lives or needs have changed due to a birth, death, new business or new home.

Why Choose American Family Insurance?

Choosing the right insurance company can be hard, and all the insurance providers out there make claims and promises about their reliability, quality and customer service. American Family Insurance does not make claims about their service, but rather offers customers five simple reasons to choose American Family as their insurance company.

When choosing an insurance company, customers need a company they can trust. With a long reputation of strength and stability proven by financial results, customers know that they can have faith in American Family Insurance. The financial resources backing American Family Insurance are substantial, allowing American Family to be the insurance company that can support customers’ needs in times of crisis. With $14.6 billion in assets and $4.8 billion in policyholder equity, the resources of American Family will be able to help customers in the event of a catastrophe, serious illness or accident. Funds like this also enable American Family to invest in itself, furthering this insurance company’s long-term stability and growth.

A small new insurance company opened as Farmer’s Mutual Insurance in 1927 with just three employees and 346 new policyholders. That small insurance company has grown into American Family, an insurance company with more than 8,100 employees and more than 4,300 agents. American Family Insurance has more than nine million policies and loans that are currently active. American Family is constantly expanding and growing. American Family Insurance is adding Washington to the list of states it serves.

As a mutual company, American Family Insurance customers are both policyholders and owners. American Family Insurance does not sell stock, so decisions are made on a long-term basis, not a short-term one. The fluctuations in the stock market do not affect American Family’s stability or strength. Each year’s profits increase the insurance company’s overall financial well being and equity. This allows American Family to meet policyholders’ needs and keep their promises.

American Family Insurance is the insurance company that offers “All your protection under one roof.” American Family offers the insurance products customers need for every stage of their life, whether young or old. Property policies, from vehicles to homeowners and more can protect customers’ belongings. Health and life insurance provides the insurance coverage customers need to protect those they love. Business policies, loans and annuities can insure customers’ financial well-being. American Family is the insurance company that can protect customers in all respects, from the roof over their head to the family they love.

An American Family insurance agent can help customers determine what coverage they need to protect their belongings and family. With more than 4,300 agents in 17 states, getting a personal insurance review is easy. A personal insurance review can help customer understand the level of coverage they need from their insurance company. Customers’ personal relationships with their insurance agents will guarantee a high and consistent level of customer service and support. A good understanding of customer needs enables personal insurance agents to help provide customers with all the services they need.

American Family Insurance has been there to help and support their customers for over 75 years. Excellent and reliable service is the promise of American Family Insurance, both before and after a claim. American Family Insurance insures both their policyholders and their peace of mind.

American Family Insurance agents are some of the best in the business. American Family Insurance has even collaborated with J.D. Powers and Associates to honor some of their most beloved agents. American Family has rewarded 750 of its best agents for excellent customer service based on customer surveys.

Insuring a Vehicle with American Family

Reliable auto insurance is a necessity as customers get from work to home, transport their kids to activities, and travel for business or pleasure. In many states, auto insurance from a reputable insurance company is legally required. Customers will feel safe and secure with an auto insurance policy from American Family Mutual Insurance Company

When looking for auto insurance, customers should consider some of the valuable options American Family offers to protect vehicles. Car or truck coverage can include protection in case of accidents, theft, natural disasters and vandalism. American Family Insurance coverage protects the driver, passenger, and anyone the driver might injure while driving.

A number of great discounts are available on American Family auto insurance. If customers insure multiple vehicles, insure their vehicle and home, have air bags, or are an older driver, American Family may be even more affordable for them.

An American Family Timeline

Founded in 1927, American Family Insurance had assets exceeding $1 million by 1938. In 1957 and 1958, Farmer’s Mutual began to offer sickness and accident insurance, then homeowners’ coverage. The company’s name was changed in 1963 to American Family Mutual Insurance. American Family has continued to grow and expand in the following decades. In 2002, American Family celebrated its 75th anniversary as a large and thriving insurance company.

The American Family Commitment

American Family Insurance is committed to ethical business practices on both a corporate and a personal level. Integrity and honesty are critical in all of our dealings. Combined experiences and diversity among their agents and employees allow American Family Insurance to serve their policyholders at any stage of their lives. A strong sense of community makes American Family Insurance a valuable asset to not just their customers, but also the towns and states they serve. The core values of American Family Insurance have allowed the company to build a reputation based on honesty, integrity and community building. American Family Insurance is dedicated to protecting their policyholders’ interests, providing financial security and insuring customers’ homes, property and families.