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Part of St. Paul Travelers Company Inc., Travelers was founded in 1864 to provide reliable and reasonably priced premium insurance protection, complemented with attentive and quick service to customers.

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Since then, Travelers has developed into a leading insurance company in the United States that constantly develops customized insurance products to suit the various and changing insurance needs of customers. Besides offering fundamental condominium, home, vehicle, and renters’ insurance products, Travelers also provides insurance products for boats and yachts, valuable items, identity theft, and flood incidences.

Insurance Industry Leader

Travelers is the top provider of numerous types of insurance plans, servicing more than 6.6 million active insurance products that have been distributed through more than 7,800 independent insurance representatives located all over the United States. Travelers has also constantly posted good financial strength ratings, returning a net written premium of US $6.2 billion in the year 2005.

Reliable Fast Claim Service Any Time

Whether it is damage from a motor vehicle accident or caused by flooding, insurance claims at Travelers are handled rapidly by an insurance claims service that operates 24-hours daily throughout the year, with the assistance of modern digital and wireless technology.

Travelers insurance claims service is supported by a group of vehicle repair shops that can, when required, promptly begin repairing vehicles covered by vehicle insurance from Travelers. Also on standby, to be on site swiftly during cases of emergency, are four modern Mobile Claim Headquarters of Travelers, managed by a team skilled in handling insurance claims for catastrophes and emergencies.

This dedication to resolving insurance claims speedily has resulted in Travelers being recommended by 90 per cent of their insurance claimants to friends and relatives.

Insurance Coverage Unlike Others

Families and their property have enjoyed protection with insurance products of Travelers for more than 140 years, garnering Travelers Insurance the status of being among the most qualified and excellent insurance providers in the insurance industry.

Travelers offers an extensive and unrivaled range of insurance products at reasonable personal insurance price points, which are highly customizable to suit each customer’s current insurance requirements, while providing flexibility for the future.

Travelers also guarantees the realization of its monetary obligation to its insurance product holders in the event of any loss. There is a dedicated toll-free insurance claim hotline operating 24-hours every day, to process any insurance claim quickly and effectively.

More than 10,000 independent insurance representatives located across the country distribute insurance products offered by Travelers Insurance. They are supported by 39 insurance claim offices located across the country and staffed by 2,000 insurance claim specialists.

Travelers prides itself as an industry leader in the innovation of more insurance products and convenient services especially for its insurance product customers. With an extensive insurance product range, Travelers Insurance is the comprehensive insurance products provider that meets the insurance needs of your family and you.

Travelers Partner and Subsidiary Insurance Companies

Travelers has partner and subsidiary companies based in different states of the United States. These partner and subsidiary insurance companies offer a vast range of insurance products that are distributed through independent insurance representatives in their respective states. Travelers partner and subsidiary insurance companies, and the independent insurance representatives that distribute their insurance products, all post good financial ratings from insurance industry analysts. Besides personal insurance products, the partner and subsidiary insurance companies of Travelers Insurance also offer holders of their insurance products a range of premium services, which include insurance claims resolution round the clock on any day of the year, and quick assistance for insurance claims.

Travelers of Florida

A partner insurance company of Travelers Insurance, Travelers of Florida company was founded in 1996 and based in Tampa to exclusively meet the insurance needs of residents in Florida. Residents of Florida have access to a vast range of insurance products from Travelers of Florida insurance company including car insurance, home insurance, personal property insurance, and personal liability (umbrella) insurance.

Premier Insurance Company of Massachusetts

Travelers Indemnity Company founded Premier Insurance Company of Massachusetts in 1993 to exclusively meet the personal insurance needs of residents in Massachusetts. Residents of Massachusetts have access to a vast range of insurance products from Premier Insurance Company of Massachusetts, including car insurance, home insurance, personal property insurance, and personal liability (umbrella) insurance.

Mendota Insurance Company

Founded in 1989 and based in St. Paul, Minnesota, Mendota Insurance Company offers a range of select insurance products usually not offered to customers by typical insurance agents. Mendota Insurance Company also offers car insurance, recreational vehicles insurance, and motorcycle insurance, all valid in numerous states of the country.

Travelers of New Jersey

A subsidiary of Travelers, Travelers of New Jersey was founded in 1992 as First Trenton Indemnity Company and is based in New Jersey to exclusively meet the insurance needs of New Jersey residents.

Travelers Through the Years

Since its inception in 1864, Travelers has led the insurance industry for more than 140 years by constantly introducing new insurance products, beginning with issuing the first auto insurance policy in 1897, complemented with excellent service and cutting edge technology within the industry.

Highlights of the impact on the insurance industry made by Travelers include:

1864 - First insurance company in America to provide personal insurance against accidents.
1897 - Issued the first auto insurance policy.
1903 - Started the first institution for training insurance agents.
1904 - Gathered the first group of safety engineers.
1907 - Started writing insurance for property.
1912 - Introduced the first combination auto insurance policy.
1936 - Started an education program for drivers.
1953 - Developed the first automobile simulator for educating drivers.
1956 - Utilized an IBM 650 computer, an insurance industry first.
1956 - First insurance company to establish its own weather research center.
1966 - Conducted first transcontinental conference call.
1968 - Started the first insurance claim hotlines manned by Travelers Insurance employees.
1971 - Started the first consumer insurance information office to answer insurance policy queries from customers.
1980 - Developed the first interactive insurance company/agency computer system.
1996 - Developed the first automated fraud detection system, as an effective means of fighting insurance fraud.
1997 - Introduced the first insurance policy protecting individuals who use personal computers for online banking.
1997 - Developed the insurance industry’s first self-sufficient insurance claim office in vehicles that swiftly respond to emergencies/catastrophes, after the Hurricane Andrew natural disaster.
1998 – 2002 - Utilized technological developments in innovating industry methods so that insurance agents can work more effectively. These include real-time quoting capability for a single-entry on a multiple-carrier interface; the ATLAS3 browser system allowing insurance agents to quote and issue insurance policies through the Internet, as well as TRAVGlass, the insurance industry’s first Internet-based auto glass insurance claim solution.
2003 - Started for customers to view insurance policy information, make premium payments, and check insurance claim status online.
2004 - Travelers Insurance becomes part of St. Paul Travelers, resulting in a company with 285 years of combined experience in managing risk with honesty, innovation, and order.