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USAA Insurance

Known formally as United States Automobile Association, USAA Insurance is known for helping consumers save up to $400 on their auto insurance each year. The company was started in 1922 when a group of 25 Army officers met in San Antonio, Texas and got together to insure one another’s vehicles. The company was meant just to cover their vehicles, and they probably could never have imagined that the company would be serving over five million people more than 70 years later! Not only is USAA an insurance company, it also provides a whole host of financial services. Today, we like to think that the original founders of USSA Insurance Company would be proud that we have continued their philosophy of providing our customers with service, loyalty, honesty, and integrity.

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Like many insurance companies, USAA is not a publicly traded insurance company, so there are no stockholders. Instead, as an insurance company, we answer to our members, or policyholders. Our policyholders rely on us to suggest products and services that meet all their insurance and financial needs. As an insurance company, USAA Insurance is able to provide affordable information to our consumers; in fact, a lot of it is offered for very small fees or no charge at all, thanks to our Advisors in our Financial Advice Center.

Insurance Eligibility

United States Automobile Association, or USAA, is not an insurance company for everyone. Membership in this insurance company is considered a privilege and is for those that are or have been in uniform. Luckily, this insurance privilege can be handed down to the member’s children and grandchildren. Those that can become members of this insurance company are:

- Active duty officers and enlisted military personnel.
- Former spouses and adult children of USAA members.
- National Guard and Selected Reserve officers and enlisted personnel.
- Officer candidates in commissioning programs (Academy, ROTC, OCS/OTS).

Products and Services

USAA was an insurance company or association that once served to insure the vehicles of 24 Army men. Today, the company provides more than 150 different products and services for their members. Our company boasts top-notch employees that are committed to providing members with all the insurance, financial services, and products that are needed.

We provide auto insurance, homeowner’s insurance, and life insurance that are all built to suit the needs of individual members and their budgets. It’s important to remember that we aren’t just an insurance company or association; we also provide a whole host of financial services, allowing you to manage your money from anywhere in the world with our full service online banking available through our website. Our banking provides members with low cost checking and ATM fees, free BillPay, and many rewards that allow members to redeem cash, merchandize, and even travel. In addition, our insurance members benefit from credit card plans, auto loans, home loans, and personal loans. USAA has branched out from just being an insurance company by providing great services such as:

- Highly regarded investment products that have received awards from the financial press.
- Financial advice and planning from certified experts who are salaried — not on commission.
- Online services at, where members can check balances, pay bills, transfer money between accounts, get stock quotes, and even file insurance claims.

USAA Insurance continues to provide military men and women and their family members with remarkable insurance and financial services. As an association, we have received superior ratings from all three rating agencies. Our success in providing our members with insurance and financial services is due to our most precious resources, which are our employees. All the training and benefits they receive make them happy to provide members with the insurance policies and financial services they need, when they need them.