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Unitrin Insurance

Unitrin Insurance, a vast insurance and financial services company, offers our customers an amazingly diverse portfolio of products and services. We offer insurance plans that work for individuals and families. Our insurance company is also dedicated to finding insurance products for small businesses.

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We offer consumers several different insurance products, including Unitrin Kemper Auto and Home insurance, Unitrin Specialty, Unitrin Business Insurance, and Unitrin. The Unitrin Business Insurance is part of our company that sells both personal and commercial insurance through our independent agents. Conversely, Unitrin, which sells only auto insurance, markets directly to consumers without the help of agents.

Unitrin insurance has branches that specialize in a vast array of insurance products. This is what makes us one of the leading financial service providers in the country. We currently offer auto insurance, home and property insurance, life insurance, health insurance, and consumer finance products.

Unitrin and each finance and insurance company that is a part of our family currently have over six million customers, including insurance policyholders and consumer finance customers. We market our products all across the United States, and our customers have access to a nationwide network of agents and loan representatives. We have over $9 in assets and have over 8,200 employees working for us across the nation.

We have three specific insurance groups inside the Unitrin insurance company. The Property and Casualty Insurance Group features our Unitrin Kemper Auto and Home, Unitrin Specialty, and Unitrin Business Insurance. This group sells personal and commercial property insurance through independent agents across the country. Also in the Property and Casualty Insurance group is Unitrin, which bypasses the agents by selling auto insurance directly to individuals. The Property and Casualty Insurance Group has millions of customers across the nation.

Unitrin Kemper Auto and Home, part of the Property and Casualty Insurance Group, provides our customers with coverage for their personal dwellings, boats, and land vehicles. We also have a personal umbrella insurance coverage option that we offer to our preferred and standard-risk clients. Our most popular product, the Package Plus, gives consumers the option to combine their automobile and homeowners insurance policy into one convenient bill. We offer our Kemper Auto and Home services in 39 states through 2,000 independent insurance agents.

Unitrin Specialty, another part of the Unitrin Property and Casualty Insurance Group, offers nonstandard automobile insurance to individuals and businesses. We have over 8,500 independent agents working in 22 states to sell this product. Our three offices, which are located in Texas, California, and Oregon, employ over 750 people working with the Unitrin Specialty product. Our desire is for this company to be known as the friendly, customer-focused car insurance company, while continuing to grow our profits through building strong relationships with our independent agents. The Unitrin Specialty insurance company is quickly becoming the most desired non-standard automobile insurance provider among independent insurance agents.

Unitrin insurance uses direct marketing to access customers nationwide, primarily through the use of direct mail advertisements, web-based ads, the Unitrin website, and television commercials. Unitrin is selling insurance in 18 states spread throughout the country. This branch of Unitrin accepts customers with a wide range of risks, offering quality customer service with competitive pricing. This branch of the Unitrin insurance company brings in 12% of the aggregate insurance premium revenues of the Property and Casualty Insurance Group as of 2005 reports.

Unitrin also offers life and health insurance. The Life and Health Insurance Group gives customers access to life, health, and accident insurance through an extended network of company-employed agents. The group employs over 2,500 career agents across the country. At present the Life and Health Insurance Group also works with 250 independent agents. The Career Agency Companies and Reserve National are the two branches of this group. Unitrin Life and Health Insurance is one of the top 100 life insurance companies in America. The Unitrin Life and Health Group provides personalized customer care to those working with the insurance company. This brings in significant predictable income, which helps keep the company stable and flexible financially.

The final company within Unitrin is Fireside Bank. This is one of the oldest and most well-respected consumer finance companies in the nation. Fireside Bank works with those with poor credit history to fund their purchases of used cars. This provides them with a way to drive to and from work, thus stabilizing their financial situation. Fireside Bank has been offering this service to the community for several years, and in 2005 the company announced record profits for their services.

Part of the reason Unitrin is such a stable finance and insurance company lies with the management of the company. Our management team is experienced in many aspects of managing successful companies. They value ethical behavior in themselves and their employees, as well as a no-nonsense approach to running a successful business. With three separate businesses united under the Unitrin name, backed by an excellent management team, Unitrin is one of the leading financial service providers in the nation.

Another reason for Unitrin’s success is the structure of the business. Each individually operating finance and insurance company is able to function with a high level of autonomy, working to reach the customers in their market and geographic area as effectively as possible. This autonomy allows these companies to structure their business to the current market trends. They are able to provide a fast response to changes in the market, which has brought Unitrin to the forefront of the insurance and financial world. Each of the three businesses complements each other and allows for balance in the ever-fluctuating world of economics and insurance.