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by Anonymous
from California
vehicle 2002 Buick Century and 204 Pontiac Grand AM

No on choosing 21st Century - Pease read and take heed!!!

Two separate incidents~~
1st incident: 21st Century after the accident, took nearly 5 weeks to send claim adjuster to inspect the vehicle AND over 3 months to send a check for the totaled vehicle.
Accident: Mothers Day 2004, rear ended by 3 other vehicles, after another vehicle comes to a complete stop, in front of my car, (driver mistakenly thought she was in left turn lane). MY CAR is TOTALED.
2nd incident: 21st Century determines 50/50 liable~UNBELIEVABLE!
Accident: I am sitting at a 4-way stop, I watched the vehicle on right side of me proceed and cross forward at stop sign, I watched vehicle across from me takes its turn and vehicle on left of me do the same. At this point it is my turn; I look left to right, then back forward and proceed thru the intersection. Suddenly, when I am 3/4's thru the intersection, I feel a major jolt and my car comes to a complete halt. After a moment I realize what has just occured...the van that had just arrived at the stop has slammed into the right side of my Pontiac. (The Pontiac that I had, basically just purchased with the check, that took so long to get, from 21st Century for the totaled Buick.) The Van appears to have minimal damage, yet my car refuses to move an inch, even when I somewhat over accelerate. Come to find out, later, the suspension had to be replaced. My car was in the shop nearly 6 weeks. Meanwhile, again, unmentioned previously, I am stuck paying for a rental, which thankfully I was reimbursed, but not until 6 months later. I made the claim for the accident, completely confident that I would be at no-fault, based on the facts. I was shocked when notified by 21st Century of their final decision...FAULT 50/50. I couldn't believe it nor could I believe the basis for the decision! They based their decision on the "vehicle on the right having the right of way" rule. I do not think that means randomly or at the whim of the driver on the right, just any ole' time they choose, does it? Well, apparently that is how 21st Century deciphered that rule. STILL SHOCKED AND PEEVED IN CALIFORNIA AT 21st CENTURY!!!

Please take heed and choose a different insurance company!!!


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