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Liberty Mutual

Founded in Boston in 1912, Liberty Mutual is one of the foremost providers of insurance in the US, upholding a standard of quality, dignity, and integrity for nearly a century. By forming close connections with reputable companies and relying on word of mouth instead of aggressive advertising, Liberty Mutual insurance has risen to the top, becoming the 6th largest insurance provider in the United States, and one of the leading global insurers on the international field.

As of 2006, Liberty Mutual was number 39 on Equal Opportunity Magazine’s annual Top 50 Employers list, as well as number 102 on the Fortune 500 list of largest American Corporations. Liberty Mutual has achieved this status through a history of quality service and reliability, upholding a high standard in the world of insurance that consumers have come to count on. Throughout its history, Liberty Mutual has upheld a high standard of quality insurance, "Helping people live safer, more secure lives."

More About Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual offers a large range of insurance products and service, including personal automobile, homeowners, workers compensation, disability and fire insurance. The company’s largest line of business is private passenger automobile insurance, based on 2004 direct written premium; but Liberty Mutual insurance offers also include commercial multiple peril, commercial automobile, general liability, global specialty, group disability, assumed reinsurance, fire insurance, and surety.

The company maintains high standards of service and competitive pricing partly by forming long-lasting connections with qualified clients. Establishing amicable relations with qualified employers, professional associations, and college alumni associations, Liberty Mutual offers these groups discounts based on high education and low insurance risks. Liberty Mutual then relies on targeted advertising and word of mouth within these groups to further develop clientele. Satisfied customers attract qualified insurance clientele to qualified insurance companies; in 2005, Liberty Mutual earned its Fortune ranking with $78.8 billion in consolidated assents and $21.2 billion in annual consolidated revenue, assuring a place as a leading US Insurance Company.

Liberty Mutual operates through four strategic business units, offering clients the security of a stable foundation in each area. Each unit contributes no more than 30 percent of net premium written, ensuring that Liberty Mutual has the networked foundation to provide a secure and reliable insurance company.

Personal Market

The largest of Liberty Mutual’s business segments, the personal market covers insurance policies for private passenger auto, homeowner, possession and personal liability insurance. With more than 400 offices throughout the US, two direct response centers, appointed prudential agents and Internet marketing, Liberty Mutual attracts a large force of clients seeking personal insurance. The largest source of new business, however, is still through word of mouth, with more than 9,000 affinity group relations including employers, credit union and professional and alumni associations. The most-sponsored voluntary auto and home insurance benefit in the industry, Liberty Mutual’s affinity program has helped it rise as a top US insurance company. Liberty Mutual also offers a wide range of traditional and variable life insurance, offering clients the highest standard of insurance in every area.

Commercial Markets

In addition to being a leading force in the world of Personal Insurance, Liberty Mutual also offers a wide range of general and specialized insurance for business and companies. These markets are operated through five business unites: National Market, Business Market, Property, Group Market, and Alternative Market. National Market serves the complex needs of larger companies, including sophisticated risk and disability management and risk transfer services. Business market serves middle-market businesses, offering a direct relationship for full insurance lines, creative risk transfer products, loss prevention and expert claims management. Group Market works with large businesses, providing short- and long-term disability products, services, and management as well as group life insurance, AD&D and FMLA Administration. Liberty Mutual Alternative Markets offers a comprehensive array of captive and rent-a-captive services, including fronting, reinsurance, claims management, loss prevention, and underwriting.

Agency Markets

Working through independent agents and brokers, Liberty Mutual Agency Markets offer property, casualty, and specialty insurance carriers. These agents focus mostly on core property and casual products, including comprehensive personal and commercial insurance coverage through any Insurance Company; specialty options are also available through Liberty Mutual Surety and Summit Holding.

These agents are available in most states through the following companies:

America First Insurance (Gulf Region); Colorado Casualty (Mountain Region); Golden Eagle Insurance (Pacific Region); Hawkeye-Security Insurance (North Central Region); Indiana Insurance (Midwest Region), which also includes GoAmerica Auto Insurance; Liberty Northwest (Pacific Northwest Region); Montgomery Insurance (Southeast Region); Peerless Insurance (Northeast Region) Wausau Insurance Companies (National) Liberty Mutual Surety (contract and commercial surety) Summit Holding Southeast, Inc. (mono-line workers comp)

International Operations

In addition to serving the United States, Liberty Mutual has become a leading insurance company in the international field, offering services in 11 countries from Argentina to Hong Kong. Liberty International Underwriters, a globally active Insurance Company based out of London, also offers casualty, marine, energy, engineering, and aviation underwriting in Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America.

Liberty Mutual Legacy

Since its founding in 1912, Liberty Mutual has worked hard to uphold its motto, \"Helping People Live Safer, More Secure Lives.\" Innovative programs and safety breakthroughs by Liberty Mutual have helped reduce workplace injury, illness, and disability for millions of men and women worldwide, as well as providing insurance and security for many more.

The products and services offered by Liberty Mutual reflect the company’s commitment to upholding the highest standard of insurance provision; for over ninety years Liberty Mutual has operated with dignity, integrity, and quality of both products and service.

Dignity and Respect

Liberty Mutual and its employees are committed to treating all clients with the utmost respect and dignity. By showing this honor in every interaction, Liberty Mutual has formed strong bonds and long-lasting relationships that are key to the success of an insurance company.


Liberty Mutual is committed to upholding the highest standard of integrity in every transaction. Liberty Mutual customers build their lives on the company’s promises, and therefore Liberty Mutual makes it a priority to keep those promises to the fullest extent, earning the trust of partners and clients through commitment to honor and honesty.

Superior Products and Services

After nearly a century of experience, Liberty Mutual has earned the ranking of one of the top insurance companies in the United States. This reputation has arisen because of the company’s commitment to a high standard of service, offering clients only the best, and at the best price. This quality is for Liberty Mutual the assurance of satisfaction, and it is the satisfaction of their customers that has allowed Liberty Mutual to become what it is today.

Through these three principles and a commitment to growth, Liberty Mutual will continue to provide customers with the best insurance the company has to offer, "Helping people live safer, more secure lives."