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With its versatile range of insurance services and products, GMAC Insurance has a well-deserved reputation as one of the largest and most successful insurance company organizations in America. The highly regarded insurance company is an essential part of General Motors Acceptance Corporation (GMAC), which has a history going back to 1919 when it was established as the General Motors financial services arm. Since then, GMAC Insurance has built up the experience and expertise that make it the insurance company it is today: fully qualified to provide help, advice, and a wide range of insurance services to individuals, automotive dealerships, and other organizations.

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The insurance services available from GMAC Insurance cover a diversity of personal and business needs. These include insurance for motor vehicles, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, homes, and belongings. Thousands of new customers each week, representing both the private and business world, are evidence of the strong reputation that GMAC Insurance has established and maintained as an insurance company, and the quality service it has continued to provide since its establishment.

As well as retaining the traditions of quality and service it has always demonstrated as an insurance company, GMAC Insurance has never been afraid to be innovative. In the automotive area it was, for example, one of the first insurance company businesses to offer vehicle service contracts designed to safeguard customers against the costs of unexpected mechanical repairs. Now one of the largest underwriters in the world, the GMAC insurance company is well known for the “best in class” service and coverage it provides. On the home front, GMAC Insurance has also proved itself to be an insurance company with groundbreaking concepts. Among these is the unique combination of comprehensive insurance protection and quality service that GMAC Insurance has put into practice through its willingness to deal directly with the insurance needs of home owners.

In these ways, and by offering exclusive insurance coverage options and quality service at competitive rates, the GMAC insurance company can help all its customers make insurance decisions that are in their best interests, no matter how diverse those interests may be. Aware that insurance needs are constantly changing and developing, GMAC Insurance makes certain that its services keep pace with its customers’ needs. It thus ensures that it remains an insurance company whose staff can always provide the most up-to-date insurance information and advice to suit the needs and requirements of its varied clientele.

Since its founding in 1919, GMAC Insurance has expanded as an insurance company not only within America but also around the globe, employing almost 4,000 people throughout the world. As well as headquarters in Southfield, Michigan, and St. Louis, Missouri, the thriving insurance company has more than 100 offices in the United States and Canada. Its insurance products and services are also well known in Europe, Asia, and Latin America, where GMAC Insurance has set up international insurance operations. Through GMAC Insurance Online, the convenience of the Internet is available to individual and business insurance company representatives seeking insurance information, quotes, or other insurance services. Another GMAC operation, established in the 1990s, is Nuvell Financial Services, an auto financing operation that works with both GM and non-GM dealers.

In April 2006, General Motors announced changes to its organization, with a consortium headed by Cerberus Capital management buying 51% of GMAC as a whole. The group’s investors also included Aozora Bank of Japan and the private equity arm of Citigroup. Under its new ownership structure, and continuing to build on the many decades of experience during which it has established itself as a major international insurance company, GMAC Insurance continues to provide quality insurance services for its many customers around the world.