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Aetna is one of the nation's leading diversified health care benefits companies, serving members with information and resources to help them make better informed decisions about their health care.

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Aetna (NYSE: AET) has long been a leading health care-oriented insurance company, dedicated to providing people with the means to achieve financial security and peace of mind. By offering employee benefits and long-term care insurance as well as health care, disability, group life, dental, and pharmacy insurance, Aetna uses information and resources to help their members make informed decisions about the types of health care they need. The Aetna insurance company serves both employer and individual markets. Aetna provides benefits to employers in all states, with products and services tailored to employers of sizes, from smaller companies to large national employers. In some markets Aetna also provides products and services to individuals and Medicare beneficiaries.

Aetna is committed to providing access to cost-effective health care of the highest possible standard, to protect people against health-related risks and enable them to achieve both good health and financial security. Aetna has provided such products and services for 150 years, and has the ability to be a leader in building a strong and effective system of health care by cooperating with health care professionals and public officials. The primary goal of Aetna is to provide innovative products and uncomplicated information that gives its customers the tools they need to make the best possible insurance choices to safeguard their health and financial security.

Two types of health care and dental plans are offered: a risk basis plan where the company assumes most or all of the risk of costs, and an employer-funded basis plan, where the plan is sponsored via an administrative services contract. In the latter situation, it is the plan sponsor rather than the company that assumes the risk. By having a variety of choices, Aetna ensures its clients can find an insurance product to match their needs.

Another option that Aetna offers its clients is group insurance. Most Group Life products provide renewable term coverage in fixed amounts, or amounts which are related to individual wage levels. Group Disability Insurance consists of income-replacement benefits for both short and long-term disability. Long Term Care Insurance provides for long-term custodial care expenses in a nursing home, adult day-care facility or at home.

Aetna also offers Large Case Pensions, which include several retirement products, including annuities and pensions, for defined benefit and contribution plans. These provide a variety of options, including experience-rated and both guaranteed and non-guaranteed products. Currently, however, new business is not sought.

Aetna provides fully-insured, self-funded (ASO) health care products, including Aetna Global Benefits, Medicare+Choice, Pharmacy, Vision, POS, PPO and HMO. Aetna was the first national health insurance company to offer consumer-directed health plans, and continues to be an industry pioneer with products in the Aetna HealthFund® range. This collection of consumer-directed plans includes Aetna PharmacyFund®, Aetna DentalFund®, and a program for the reimbursement of long-term care premiums. Additionally, Aetna is able to offer integrated HealthFund products. As of March 31, 2006, Aetna provided medical coverage for more than 15 million members. Aetna also provides dental coverage for more than 13 million members.

Aetna’s Group Insurance business provides a competitive range of asset protection and income-replacement products, including Short Term and Long Term Disability, Managed Disability, Long Term Care, Group Life, and Accidental Death & Personal Loss. As a leader in this field, Aetna provides these services for more than 13 million members. Aetna also offers a wide range of employee benefit plans, despite the rising cost of these plans. Aetna offers employee benefit and insurance products and services that help keep costs low while maintaining a consistently high standard of health care. Services include disease management and patient safety programs, case management plans, and integrated medical, pharmaceutical, dental, disability, and behavioral health information.

Aetna, Inc. is a diversified health-care benefits and insurance company that provides a wide range of both traditional and consumer-directed health-related products and services. Aetna, Inc. is a direct descendent of the Aetna Insurance Company of Hartford, Connecticut. As such, Aetna has been in the insurance business for more than 150 years. In 1996, Aetna merged with U.S. Healthcare. In the twenty-first century, Aetna has earned a 100% score on the Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index three years running, and remains committed to providing excellent health care and insurance benefits in America.