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Progressive has a lot to offer customers and it is the third largest auto insurance provider in the nation. More than 12 million American customers rely on Progressive for their automotive insurance needs. Excellent and affordable pricing, reliable claims service, and both online and in person customer support make Progressive the best insurance company choice for many people. Progressive is all about choices, and the insurance company offers customers the choices they need to choose, buy and own their auto insurance policy.

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Finding the right car insurance can be easy with a few simple tools. Comparison shopping for an insurance company does not have to be difficult. Progressive Direct will help customers compare insurance rates between various insurance company options. Progressive will provide customers with rates from an array of insurance companies either online or in person with one of the company’s qualified Progressive Direct insurance agents.

The Progressive Corporation provides personal auto insurance and other varied specialty insurance services in the United States. Three segments of the Progressive Corporation serve an array of customer needs: Personal Lines, Commercial Auto, and Other-indemnity. The Personal Lines division writes personal automobile insurance policies for cars, trucks, vans and recreational vehicles. Both independent agency services and direct channels are available for Personal Lines services. The Commercial Auto division at Progressive Direct provides liability and damage insurance for a variety of vehicles owned and operated by small businesses. Independent Progressive Direct agents typically write commercial Auto policies. The Other-indemnity segment provides professional liability coverage to community banks, most commonly directors and officers’ liability coverage. Progressive also provides insurance services, including policy writing and claims service in 25 states for Commercial Auto Insurance Procedures and Plans.

Progressive was co-founded by Jack Green and Joseph Lewis in 1937 and maintains offices around the country; however, the corporate headquarters of the insurance company is located in Mayfield Village, Ohio.

The History of Progressive

Joseph Lewis and Jack Green first opened Progressive to provide vehicle owners both security and protection on March 10, 1937. These two young lawyers viewed Progressive as not just an opportunity to provide needed automotive insurance, but also as a fine potential investment. Progressive offered innovation from the start. Progressive Mutual Insurance was the first insurance company to allow the option to pay premiums in installments, thus making insurance more affordable for the average American. Drive-in claims service was another option offered. Progressive grew and thrived for years, and moved to new offices in 1951. Joe Lewis’ son, Peter Lewis, joined the company after his father’s death in 1955. Peter Lewis brought new ideas to Progressive, including founding Progressive Casualty Company in 1956 to provide insurance coverage to high-risk drivers. Today, Progressive’s great service is available to a wide array of customers.

In the 1960s, with further company expansions, Progressive Mutual Insurance became the Progressive Corporation. Peter Lewis became CEO of the Progressive Corporation in 1965, and celebrated 45 years with the company in 2000.

Steady growth in the 1970s and 1980s allowed the move of the headquarters to Mayfield Village, Ohio in 1974. The company went public in 1971, and surpassed $1 billion in premiums in 1987 and was listed on the New York Stock Exchange Progressive (NYSE: PGR). Activity and innovation in the 1990s set Progressive Insurance apart from the other insurance company offerings on the market.

Progressive did not achieve its success by doing business the way the other insurance companies did. New standards and services allowed Progressive to become the third largest auto insurance provider in the country. Progressive’s introduction of Immediate Response 24/7 claims service set it apart from the rest in the 1990s.

In 1992, Progressive was recognized as the largest seller of automotive insurance through independent agents. A year later, Progressive began offering automotive insurance services to all drivers, and premiums exceeded $2 billion in 1994. Progressive began offering rate comparison services in 1994, with the introduction of 1-800-AUTOPRO (1-800-288-6776). One phone call enabled customers to compare not only Progressive’s rate, but the rates of three other insurance companies. Customers could then buy their chosen policy over the phone in one simple call, or visit an independent Progressive insurance agent if they preferred. Another innovation in 1994 was the introduction of on site claims service to make customers’ lives easier, and the process of dealing with an accident less stressful. The Immediate Response Vehicle (IRV) allowed customers to handle claims processing on site, as a marked and designated vehicle arrived to meet their needs wherever they might be.

Progressive’s next step was to move online, and in 1995 it began to develop its web presence. In 1996, customers could get Progressive’s rate comparisons online. Online sales of auto insurance were available in 1997. More than a million visitors come to Progressive’s modern and functional website each month to compare rates, buy policies and more. lets customers save time and trouble as they shop for and buy insurance with a simple click. can also help customers find an independent Progressive agent if they prefer not to shop online for their insurance needs. Progressive is a full service insurance company that can help customers with boat, motorcycle and RV insurance policies. Personal Progressive Online, found at enables current Progressive Insurance customers to manage their accounts, pay their bills and change coverage when needed.

Progressive launched concierge level service in 2003, making the claims handling service after an accident or other loss easier for customers than ever before. Concierge service allows customers to simply drop their vehicle off at a designated claims center and pick it up when repairs are completed. Managing the full repair process allows Progressive to provide a higher level of service than any other insurance company and can save customers time and energy in the event of an accident.

Progressive’s innovative offerings, both online and in terms of customer service, allow it to be the insurance company of the new millennium. With an array of services to meet the needs of all drivers, Progressive Insurance can write an insurance policy that protects vehicles, passengers and financial health and well-being.