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by Anonymous
from california

usaa auto insurance

I have been with usaa since 1969. Had a incident with my auto insurance. Underwriter decided I was a bad risk, completly ignoring the police report and my statement, but decided to call the other party and decide that they were the honest and poor abused claimant! They were never on my side.....The continued...

by Anonymous
from SC

Never had a problem with usaa insurance

We filed 3 claims with them and they were prompt about everything. Adjusters came out the next day. Checks written and sent out within the week. I have never had a problem getting someone on the phone and every time they have been friendly and proficient.

by Robert M. Tafel MD
from Fort Worth TX
vehicle Acura 2007 TSX

Recent accident (rear-ended) 12/06/07

My previous experiences with USAA were always more than satisfactory; i always felt they had my best interest in every transaction until recently. Following my accident the adjustor never came out until nearly 3 weeks later.The represenative assigned to me, a Ms.Montalvo,never returned my calls but continued...

by steve
from sierra vista az

USAA Insurance an outstanding company

USAA Insurance has definitely been customer service orientated since i've been with them. They are friendly, call you back to make sure things are okay, pay claims quickly - i strongly recommend them to anyone in the military - if you don't use there services you are making a BIG mistake.

by Carl
from California
vehicle 92/ford/escort

USAA Insurance Customer Service Sucks

No one returns phone calls or emails. It was a very frustrating experience. So much so, we almost filed a complaint with the insurance commissioner. Rates are good. But definitely they need to improve on their service to the customers.

by Anonymous

Do not go with USAA

this company has had consistent violations and misconduct reported to the Insurance Commisioners Office.

by Anonymous

USAA Insurance service getting worse

Had a wreck. Was given an adjustor's name and number. Have called everyday for the past week, and have left messages, have het to talk to the adjustor. She called the house one day, twice during the day, knowing that both adults in the family work, and having been given both work numbers and cell numbers continued...

by Chris

usaa covered me while i was in the service

great rates, but customer service at usaa wasnt always good. sometimes i would call and call trying to get someone to talk to and it would take forever. no insurance company is perfect though

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