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by Anonymous
from Nevada
vehicle Honda

Progressive = Greedy bastards

Dealt with them on two occasions. One, a hit and run I was present for, another, I wasn't. Progressive just tries to blame you (for a hit & run), lower their costs, put you out in the cold. They have at every turn lied about what they were doing.

They are by far, the most disreputable continued...

by Anonymous
from NJ
vehicle 2005 Ford Taurus

They would rather total a car then fix it

Was hit by a woman that ran a light. Progressive's estimate was $9000 to repair damages, car is worth $8,600, owe $8,200, after deducting the deductible and other fees, they want to give my bank $7,000. Leaving me not only in the hole with the bank, but with out a car.

I did research, continued...

by Anonymous
from oregon

Avoid-Progressive Agents would deny coverage to their Grandmother

I was hit by someone with Progressive insurance. 3 estimates 1900 to 2000 Progressive would only pay $725 "silver paint does not need to be blended" ie door paint blended into fender, rear 1/4 panel etc. Horse poop!

You can get legal advise for under $50 in most states through continued...

by Wes
from Arizona
vehicle Firebird

got charged a ton by Progressive

But it's alright. After my accident and I saw the bill that I would have to paid I almost fainted again. We worked it out, (progressive and I) The agents I was dealing with felt bad for me and helped me find a lawyer to get the fees cut down. They were very helpful

by Kris
from Texas
vehicle Mustang GT 04

Not me! Progressive, Not me!

Progressive tried to surcharge me for an accident that wasn't my fault, We fixed it all up in the end, but the fact that they did that in the beginning is wrong. Shame!

by Anonymous
from Buffalo, Il

Progressive sucks

I am a rural mail carrier in Illinois. While on my mail route and stopped at a postal box with my arm in it delivering their mail, I was rear ended by a progressive insured (I use that term lightly) vehicle. That was April 2nd of 2007. It is now July 22nd 2008 and still nothing. I suffered cubital continued...

by Anonymous
from Sugar Land TX
vehicle 1995 Saturn

Don't do it

What is ironic is that people always say how crooked lawyers are but you have to hire one to get an insurance compay to do the right thing.

I had Progressive insurance back in 2000 and was rearended by an uninsured driver. I had some back problems before the accident but the wreck made continued...

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