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by Anonymous
from Sugar Land TX
vehicle 1995 Saturn

Don't do it

What is ironic is that people always say how crooked lawyers are but you have to hire one to get an insurance compay to do the right thing.

I had Progressive insurance back in 2000 and was rearended by an uninsured driver. I had some back problems before the accident but the wreck made them much worse. Progressive had a contract with enterprise rent-a-car that had expired in January but did not notify their customers. I had origianlly signed up for the rental car insurance at the current amount but the new deal they made with Enterprise was for more than my coverage. I had to pay the difference. They did not notify the policy holders that they did not have enough coverage so I was stuck paying the difference. They claimed it would have been "too much trouble" to let me know. They did manage to send me a bill every month??

They also refused to pay for my lost wages, and my deductible. I ended up owing over $500.00 over this wreck even though I was "fully covered". They offered me $200.00 for my injuries which they said were non existent and that the money was to compensate me for my inconvienence.

I ask for $5000.00 to get my future medical needs covered they refused. I had to go to arbitratiion with them and ended up with a $13,000.00 settlement of which my attorney got $4,000.00. In short by the time their attorneys got paid it cost them a lot more than $5000.00 and it was not enough. I am still in pain and only about 75% of what I should be. To hell with progressive. They are a bunch of crooks.

Took almost two years to settle


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