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by Greatly disappointed customer
from dallas, tx

Greatly dissatisfied with Farmers

Farmers has been high in prices and untruthful with their rates. I get a quote for 6 mths, and I set up auto drafts from my account. It has always been a difference of 20-50 dollars more than what I was quoted that was going to be taken out monthly. Every time I call my agent, I'm told it is suppose continued...

by Anonymous
from Sacramento, CA
vehicle 2005 Dodge Durango

Farmers Insurance is Top Notch

Love my insurance agent and my wife does too. He is very helpful and quick to help. I can always reach him and we get great rates and the coverage is top of th line. Would not change my insurance carrier for anything.

by Mel. B.
from Melbourne, Florida
vehicle 2004/Dodge/Stratus SE

No Problems with Farmers Insurance

Farmers insurance is a good company and I don’t believe anyone that says anything different. You can call Farmers Insurance and they are quick to respond – you don’t spend a half hour on the phone just waiting for a quote or for someone to talk to you about a claim. The company really puts you continued...

by David
from Tacoma, WA
vehicle 2002 Ford Focus Wagon

Happy Farmers Insurance Client

I couldn't be happier with Farmers Insurance. My agent is always suggesting ways to keep my costs down. His staff is friendly and courteous, and they've handled my claims with professionalism and speed. Regardless of what you hear the previous folks say, Farmers provides the best combination of price, continued...

by Ben Brown
from Nevada
vehicle 2005 Aztec

Farmers Insurance customer service non exsistent

Every time we renewed our policy our rates went up. We have had no tickets and no accidents. When we question our rep as to why the increases happen the answers are unacceptable. The first increase was due to their office supplies cost being raised and this time the reason given was the cost of gas. I continued...

by Nelson
from Nevada
vehicle Mobile Home

Farmers Insurance/Foremost

In all those years My wife and I tried to get the agent to come out to update our insurance and he always refused, The listed our detached 2 car garage as an out building and we couldn't get that changed, when a 10 year old set fire to our home we lost almost everything the adjuster spent 15 minutes with continued...

Total 6 reviews Page of 1
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