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by Mel. B.
from Melbourne, Florida
vehicle 2004/Dodge/Stratus SE

No Problems with Farmers Insurance

Farmers insurance is a good company and I don’t believe anyone that says anything different. You can call Farmers Insurance and they are quick to respond – you don’t spend a half hour on the phone just waiting for a quote or for someone to talk to you about a claim. The company really puts you first. The claims process is a dream – I swear, I got treated like a king when I called to file a claim and get my car repaired after a minor accident that was no fault of my own. The company paid for a rental and the car agency actually brought the car to me – I didn’t have to fish around for a ride to the agency. When I got that kind of treatment from a company that wasn’t my own insurance company I made the switch to Farmers Insurance at once. Farmers Insurance is an awesome company no matter what anybody else says.


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