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by Ben Brown
from Nevada
vehicle 2005 Aztec

Farmers Insurance customer service non exsistent

Every time we renewed our policy our rates went up. We have had no tickets and no accidents. When we question our rep as to why the increases happen the answers are unacceptable. The first increase was due to their office supplies cost being raised and this time the reason given was the cost of gas. I cancelled my policy today and found that State Farm has lower rates for better polices. Our deductable is lower and the company rewards safe drives with rate decreases not increases. I went into Farmers today to sign the cancel request and we were handed a blank sheet of paper to sign. I requested to read what we were signing and had to actually take the first sheet from her hand to read what required a signature. I questioned her on why a Ford Expedition was on there and the girls answer was," oh that is just a bunch of mumbo jumbo." We do not own a Ford and I am not satisfied with her answer. When we requested of copy she stated the did not have a copy machine, now I know they have a fax machine and I know fax machines makes copies so I am rather irate that they would lie about such a menial thing as no copy machine. I am now questioning there ethics and will be looking over every piece of paper I have gotten from them in two years. I will also e filing a complaint against this office.


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