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by Anonymous

big mistake staying with allstate

big mistake staying with allstate.

by Robert
from Arizona
vehicle 1999/Dodge

I gave up on Allstate

When my wife and me were on vacation in Florida, a driver was not paying attention like he should have been and he hit our trailer, which had our boat in tow. The driver had Allstate Insurance and the company took six weeks before they even addressed the claim for the damages on our boat! I was so furious continued...

by Tracy L.
from Maine
vehicle 2003/Saturn/Ion

Loyal to Allstate

I was told by a friend that I should regularly shop around for lower car insurance. Well, I did, and I found lower insurance. I switched over to another company after being with Allstate Insurance. It just wasn’t the same. The reps didn’t know what they were doing half the time, every time I called continued...

by Anonymous
from Louisville KY
vehicle 2007 Tundra

Allstate's the Best

I'm treated promptly, courteously, professionally, and with patience and respect. Any problems are resolved almost immediately. Who could ask for more?

I know I pay more than others in our crowd for insurance, but I tell them that Allstate is worth it, should I ever need help due to a continued...

by Siobhan7
from Charlotte NC
vehicle 1995 Pontiac Bonneville

For Allstate Insurance Company --- You REALLY are in Good Hands.

At a hugh 2007 Family Reunion held in Charlotte, NC, I was very Surprised by the response of my diverse immediate and extended family members when, at the dinner table, one night, I mentioned that I was going to apply for a job with the Allstate Call Center in Charlotte. A close neighbor had informed continued...

Total 5 reviews Page of 1
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