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by Siobhan7
from Charlotte NC
vehicle 1995 Pontiac Bonneville

For Allstate Insurance Company --- You REALLY are in Good Hands.

At a hugh 2007 Family Reunion held in Charlotte, NC, I was very Surprised by the response of my diverse immediate and extended family members when, at the dinner table, one night, I mentioned that I was going to apply for a job with the Allstate Call Center in Charlotte. A close neighbor had informed me of the potential for a position and she praised Allstate's Leadership and the people I would be working with ... Said the focus is on providing the highest level of customer service My Aunt Patty from Tennessee chimed in that Allstate has always taken care of their home and their cars and boats and an umbrella policy. She, too, said she has been a customer since 1983, and her 4 sons, my counsins, are also insured by Allstate automobile Insurance. in 4 different states. She said her Dad and Mom had always said to keep Allstate in the Family and that is what she is doing. I had 20 minutes of wait time for a movie presentation and was performing searches on Allstate on the Internet to better brief myself for a possible interview. I came across this opportunity to send a review. Although it's a review from me, one person, 'high 5's are everyone's ratings for about ...37 people over the age of 16 years of age. I am glad I am in Allstate's Good Hands. Have a great day !


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