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by mark
from idaho

Do Not Buy Aetna health insurance

After 20 years with aetna my company finally switched thank god. Every claim with aetna turned in to hours on the phone and fax only after months to get 10 cents on the dollar. DO NOT USE AETNA. Thier tactics are amazing. Usually the need more info. then when you send it they do nothing with it untill continued...

by dallas nurse
from dallas
vehicle n/a

nightmare! When I appealed a claim they CHARGED ME MORE!!

My hospital just switched to Aetna, right before my son got an MRI-- IN NETWORK, in an OUTPATIENT procedure. They called it out of network, and erroneously charged a $250 copay (calling it "in patient.") When I called them and appealed, after being bounced around and wasting over an hour on continued...

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