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by matt james
from long beach ca
vehicle 2007 toyota

save yourself the hassles with anyone else....

After a 2 hr hold time, and 2 weeks of unanswered questions, I still have not heard back from this company. 2,100 dollars in rental car with a damage of 2500 to the actual vehicle, it seems like a waste to even have insurance with them!!!! My truck sat in a body shop for almost 3 weeks before they approved continued...

by Anonymous
from los angeles
vehicle 2006 toyota

worst nightmare company ever!!!!!!!!

this company took 3 weeks to look at my truck while it sat idly at the body shop. 2 hr wait times on hold for a claims rep... you get what you pay for with these hacks.

by Kayla D.
from Chicago, Illinois

I Recommend Unitrin

I can honestly say that I am very, very satisfied with Unitrin insurance. A year and a half ago I was in an accident when I was commuting to work. I was hurt pretty badly and I believe there was an Angel at my side that day keeping alive. My car was totaled in the wreck, and I thought my wallet would continued...

by Micah S.
from California

Unitrin is good for business

My partner and I run a small business and we have several employees under our management. Looking to provide them with some insurance coverage we turn to Unitrin and are very glad we did so. Superior rates, friendly staff, timely processing and informative employees are to be found at Unitrin. Unitrin continued...

by Anonymous
from Michigan
vehicle 2000 Alero

Unitrin horrible service!

My husband's car was totaled several weeks ago, and it's been a battle with Unitrin ever since! He's called the company, and they don't return his calls. When he did get to talk to someone ONCE, they couldn't tell him anything, and just wanted to get him off the phone. We have many questions and no continued...

by Anonymous
from Southern California
vehicle 2007 Toyota Yaris

Save yourself the trouble dont go with Unitrin

While they're rates aren't so bad, when it comes time to actually talk to someone about your claim and ask legitimate questions, Unitrin is absolutely terrible. After having totaled my car, I had a lot of questions as it had never happened to me before and I didn't know what to expect. Every question continued...

Total 6 reviews Page of 1
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