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by SAM
from MN


This company does not act in paying claims for their clients.WE NOT SO HAPPY WITH STATE FARM AT ALL, after we we gone thrught with the claim rep and there agent, our garage had falling appart from the wind and what have you the siddings and the roof, so there rep come in and ispect the garage and mail continued...

by Anonymous
from Buford
vehicle 03 mercedes

Best Company Out There

I have been dealing with SF for years. I have had numerous claims of all shapes and sizes and they are always been fair. The agent explained to me that they are a mutual company and dont get involved in the foolishness of those stock companies. That I own SF because I am a policy holder. Their goal continued...

by Anonymous
from Arizona

I'm happy with State Farm prices

I have been with state farm for a good two years now, and my rates are much better then friends of mine who have different insurance companies as coverage. I keep telling them that State Farm is the best, but they don't listen!

by Anonymous
from California
vehicle 08 Lexus

no problems with State Farm

I haven't been covered by State Farm for too long now. But everything is going well. Haven't had any increases in my payment to them in the 4 months I've been with them, and they haven't done anything fishy yet. They seem to be a strong company

by Disappointed
from Kansas City
vehicle 2005

someone who had the misfortune to be hit by a state farm driver

This company does not act above board in paying claims for their clients. I had the misfortune of being hit by one of their customers and it seems to be one nightmare after another. Luckily my insurance company took care of the vechical and most of the medical, but state farm has only reimbursed them continued...

by Marc
from North Carolina
vehicle Ford Focus 2003

$500 deductable plus hidden costs with State Farm!

My daughter whom just started driving struck a guardrail swerving out of the path of an oncoming car in her lane. This damaged the fender and front suspension along with destroying the rim and tire. The tires were almost new but I'm forced to pay 65$ for another tire since they wont put on a used tire continued...

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