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by Disappointed
from Kansas City
vehicle 2005

someone who had the misfortune to be hit by a state farm driver

This company does not act above board in paying claims for their clients. I had the misfortune of being hit by one of their customers and it seems to be one nightmare after another. Luckily my insurance company took care of the vechical and most of the medical, but state farm has only reimbursed them for the vechical. In their low ball settlement offer they want to use most of it to pay the claim my insurnace has with them. Oh yeah and the outstanding medical leftover is still my responsibilty too. Humm. The driver who hit me is 100% at fault,(this is not even in dispute) Why am I suppose to pay for all of her damages and not getting anything for the pain and suffering I have gone through this last year of my life? Hello? Did you think I enjoyed spending time in my doctor's office in pain? WTF? The damn thing is I would have been willing to talk to them, but all I get back is a low ball offer, why bother. Clearly they like to deal with lawyers and spend time in court. Which I'm sure raises all of their customer's rates.


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