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by Anonymous
from Des Moines, Iowa
vehicle 2008/Ford/Taurus

Bad Claims ServiceVery Bad Teen Rates

Had two separate claims filed with Liberty Mutual. Both times it took them 3 or 4 days to have an adjuster look at the vehicle which in itself is frustrating. Had to get rental car just to wait for someone to look at vehicle because Liberty has no agents or adjusters in the Des Moines area. First accident the adjuster talked the auto shop down below my deductible --- so I did not need to file claim but since the rental car was issued --- claim now shows up on CLUE report. Second accident was more severe 11K plus as guy ran red light in front of me. Brand new car 2k miles with close to 12K in damages. Paid 16,500 for the car new and Liberty would not total. Other driver stated he had green as well so had to pay deductible as they would not fight the other insurance company. Liberty would not total car and now am proud owner of a new car that has a damage disclosure on the title. Car is now worthless in trade and Liberty claims people really could care less.
My daughter turned 16 and received quote from them. They wanted 3,000 dollars a year just for her. I complained that they were way out of whack but the service person said that they do not like to insure teen drivers. Fine --- last straw. Switched to another company with all my autos, home, and umbrella for under that 3,000 increase.
When I called to cancel my Liberty policy - the rep asked why. I replied it was because I could get everything insured at another company for less that the price they were charging just for my daughters car insurance. Rep asked if anyone offered to quote me their best rate ---- no --- and it is way to late.


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