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by Karen M. Stewart
from Columbia, MD
vehicle 1986 Honda Accord

The Dirty Truth About Nationwide's So-called Blue Ribbon Claims Service

When I was rear-ended by and UNinsured military driver nationwide in Maryland IMMEDIATELY set out to defraud me out of coverage at every level. I had a severly injured back and was in excrutiating pain for endless months with Nationwide fighting me on everything. First they threatened to endlessly delay my payment for a totalled car if I did not falsify the papers to say I had the lesser expensive Hinda Civic instead of the Accord they knew I had. Then they threatened my AND their doctors in regard to my diagnosis AND treatement so that I got very little help medically - forever denying me complete recovery. (Later I got a decent doctor immune to threats - too late for full recovery though). Then they went to the UNinsured motorist and told him they would pay all his legal bills if he helped them defraud me out of my Uninsured motorist coverage. Nationwide said if I didn't settle a $100,000.00 suit for $5,000 they would coach the Uninsured motorist on how to hide his assetts and declare bankruptcy to evade judgement. They coached him on how to get away with purjury and how to abuse the Soldier & Sailor's Relief Act to fool the Howard County court system in Maryland into granting endless stays based on him being overseas when he was a couple miles away in reality. The Nazis had nothing on Nationwide. Complaint filed with Ohio Attorney General since Ohio was told of Maryland's back behavior ans answered that they didn't care about criminal misbehavior by Nationwide in Maryland. Nationwide hired THREE DIFFERENT sets of lawyers to harrass and sabotage my lawsuit to make sure it never got to court. They are vicious dishonest subhuman vermin.


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