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by Dave in Saint Charles
from St. Charles, MO
vehicle 2004 Toyota Sequoia

American Family says its my fault because I ran a green light

What happened

On August 10th, 2007 I was turning left at a green left arrow after it had changed at Hwy 94 and Beckmann in Saint Charles. I was the first car in line and had waited at least a couple of seconds before turning so that I had time to check the intersection. Another car, a silver and black mini-cooper was turning right but had stopped and was waiting for me. When I was about half-way through the intersection I realized that a car in the lanes coming towards me was not stopping. I hit the brakes but it was too late. I was hit in the passenger side, just in front of the front tire. The bumper looks to have shifted approximately 8-9 inches towards the driver's side. I The hood was able to open, albeit a bit stiff. At this time I cannot get it to relatch. The driver of the other car estimated he was going 40-45 miles per hour when he hit me.

Ok, fast forward a bit, its November 2007, American Family sends a letter (and I still have it) that I ran a green light and their insured ran a yellow light. First off how's that happen and second off in the Police Report their insured says "Its my fault, I ran a red light." There's obviously some funny business going on.

Now, March 28, 2008, American Family is told in arbitration that they owe me for 100% of the claim. Great, right. Well, its May 5th 2008 and they still haven't paid nor will they return my phone calls.

Great company, right! Glad I don't have American Family.


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