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Research Shows Women-Only Insurers Charge More

Oct 18, 2007

Research from suggests that women can do better by sticking to general insurers to cover their cars. The independent personal finance comparison site has found that the cost of the top four annual insurance quotes from women-only insurers was GBP72 more than those of other general insurers based on a standard policy. said that it has searched the market for a number of cars, varying the factors that insurers use to determine the price of the policy and found that general insurers came out on top.

While the general policies may come out cheaper, customers will need to check their policy details in order to ensure that they are happy with the service they have signed up for.

Sean Gardner, CEO of, said: "With a number of high profile advertising campaigns women only car insurers have begun to capture a significant share of the car insurance market, but by going straight to these providers, female consumers are ruling out many of the biggest names in the insurance market and some of the best value policies on offer."

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