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Oct 13, 2007

By Simon Read

DRIVERS are feeling the pinch as car insurance premiums soar.

Third party cover has risen by 10 per cent in the last year with comprehensive cover up by four per cent.

Insurers say they have been forced to raise their quotes after several years of low rates.

Personal injury claims and legal costs have escalated.

And the leap in third party costs is due to growing numbers of claims made by young drivers, who typically buy this cover.

Debra Williams of comparison site warned: "Even if drivers found the cheapest deal last year, their insurer may have been forced to up premiums this time."

Not all insurers have been hit with rising costs, so there are some competitive deals out there.

Drivers should look beyond the marketing hype and simply search for the best offer.

There are other ways to cut the cost of cover. Some insurers will reduce premiums for young drivers if they agree not to use their cars late at night.

And if you put your car in a garage every night, it could cut insurance costs by 10 per cent.

You can also increase the excess - the amount of any claim you agree to pay - to qualify for a reduced premium.

Ask insurers about other ways to get discounts and shop around online for the best quotes.

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