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WALES: If I'M Fined for Doing 35 ... What About Man Who Hit My House?

Sep 30, 2007


POLICE have re-opened investigations into the bizarre case of a car which ploughed into a house, causing pounds 20,000 damage.

RayOwen, 52,was appalled when after five months North Wales Police said they wouldn't press charges against the driver of the Vauxhall Vectrawhich wrecked the living room.

It smashed into his home in London Road, Holyhead on April 9.

Mr Owen had been slapped with a pounds 60 fine for speeding at 35mph on London Road in March.

He only found out about the decision not to press charges when he recently rang traffic cops who told him there was insufficient evidence.

Now he has learned the police have restarted their probe into the smash.

He said: "I am delighted that they've reopened the investigation.

"I understand they interviewed two witnesses on Wednesday.

"I'm hoping for justice this time and that this motorist gets what he deserves.

"Had it not been for the Daily Post story I wouldn't have got this far."

Mr Owen said the driver had to claim on his insurance towards the pounds 20,000 damage to the end of terraced house.

But Mr Owen still had to contribute towards the repairs.

He said: "My house insurance is going through his car insurance but I still had to pay a three-figure sum."

Irish Ferries customer services clerk Mr Owen was incensed after the Vectra's driver had apparently got off scot free a month after the 52-year-oldwas fined for speeding.

North Wales Police said officers had received information from Mr Owen and would be re-examining the case.

Mr Owen's girlfriend Lynn Ashton was watching TV at their London Road home on April 9 at 9pm.

The ex-nurse was nearly injured from flying glass. Mr Owen was at work.

But he was shocked when police said they wouldn't prosecute the driver because of a lack of evidence.

He told the Daily Post last week: "Words failed me. I was shaking with rage. This car came across the road, over a garage forecourt and into my living room.

"It sent a paving slab through the window, nearly killed my partner and caused pounds 20,000-worth of damage."

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