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Mar 31, 2007

By STEPHEN HAYWARD Consumer Correspondent

FOR those of you who find commercial breaks an irritation it may be hard to be believe, but a new craze is sweeping Britain - watching TV ads on the internet.

A website called has had over a million hits since it was launched a few months ago, and a monthly chart listing the UK's top 20 commercials (below) is being launched this week.

Spokeswoman Caroline Ashcroft said: "While many TV viewers regard commercials as an annoying interruption between programmes, others want to watch them again and again. Some people are even ordering DVDs of their favourite adverts."


1 LYNX - a girl goes mad with desire for her boyfriend's dad when he accidentally squirts himself with Lynx and yells, "Bom Chicka Wahwah!"

2 AA - AA patrolmen go to the aid of a stranded motorist while singing Carole King's You've Got A Friend.

3 LLOYDS TSB - a young couple meet on a train journey, fall in love and marry.

4 RED BULL - a man about to go to the aid of a woman shouting for help finds his fridge contains only two empty Red Bull cans, shrugs and does nothing.

5 WEIGHTWATCHERS - a woman dances round the room singing Gorgeous.

6 VOLKSWAGEN - an arrogant office worker comes face to face with a much nicer version of himself.

7 BRANSTON - a tin of baked beans serenades a woman as she makes supper.

8 KINGSMILL - a boy drops his toast, kicks it on to a plate then gives it to his dad.

9 FIAT - Grande Punto races through a city as buildings rise and fall like the volume display of an amplifier.

10 HALIFAX - Howard returns to our screens.

11 FRIENDS REUNITED DATING - a Bird of Paradise attracts a mate.

12 GUINNESS - a pair of hands twist and gyrate to a reggae number.

13 RENAULT SCENIC - a car takes a daughter on the ride of a lifetime.

14 KINDER BUENO 1 - friends settle down to enjoy their chocolate bar then realise they're sitting in a shop window.

15 T MOBILE - buildings glide effortlessly along a street.

16 ROXETTE - group sing their hits.

17 KINDER BUENO 2 - three girls go out for meal and ogle the waiter.

18 SHEILA'S WHEELS - Australian girls sing about "bonzer" car insurance.

19 MARKS & SPENCER - sultry female voice urges you to try their buffalo mozzarella.

20 INTEL - computer shows multiple images of the same actors.

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