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Mar 18, 2007

AS WORLD stock markets rattle and roll, is it time to lock your money in the latest Keydata Secure Income Plan Issue 7 from financial advisor Baronworth, based in llford, Essex?

The money can be trucked into ISAs for 2006/7 and 2007/8, and is available for ISA and PEP transfers, with no initial charges an an early investment bonus of 4% on lump sums invested before April 25. The Plan promises 7.7% annual income fixed for seven years, or 7.5% annual income fixed for five years, without the risks of equities or corporate bonds.

However, capital is not guaranteed, and is not accessible without penalty during the term of the Plan.

Baronworth: 020 8518 1218.

ONE in four parents are hoping their children will help them out financially, if they need it, in old age, says a Yorkshire Bank survey which found four people out of 10 admit they have set aside no real savings for old age.

While prudent savers put at least 10% of their annual income into a retirement fund from their 30s onwards, Yorkshire Bank says Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) are a useful tax shelter for older folk keen to beef up their savings while they are still earning.

However, Moneyfacts magazine shows that Yorkshire Bank's Cash Mini-ISA, available for the 2006/7 tax year until April 7, pays a market leading rate (4.80%) on maximum pounds 3,000 investments. On smaller sums, savers get 3.75% on pounds 500 in an ISA, and 3.95% on pounds 1,000.

At my personal favourite for ISAs, Kent Reliance, you can still count on 5.71% from pounds 1 upwards if you are prepared to accept withdrawals by cheque

IF YOU want to avoid claims on your car insurance, avoid Bristol, with drivers most likely to have a drink-driving conviction on their policy; Nottingham (worst speeders); Manchester (most uninsured drivers) and Leeds (most claims for car theft).

If you are a 55-year old man driving a Lexus, it might also be sensible to avoid Sheffield, or at least to take the bus from the city outskirts -because that is the category of driver most likely to claim in the old steel city.

All these blackspots are identified in an analysis from

A SHARP rise in the number of consumers being hit by "phishing" and other online scams dented progress made in reducing UK card fraud last year, new figures indicate.

APACS, the UK payment associations, said overall credit and debit card fraud fell by 3% in 2006, largely as a result of a slump in UK domestic card crime.

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