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One-Year Tuition Plan for L-Drivers

Feb 28, 2007

CAR insurers yesterday called for a minimum oneyear tuition period for learner drivers to save lives on the roads.

They also want to limit passengers for young newly qualified drivers to cut the death toll.

Nick Starling, director of the Association of British Insurers, called for the change when he spoke to the Commons transport select committee.

He said: "Lack of driving experience and peer pressure is killing or seriously injuring four young people every day.

"We need radical action to stop this tragic waste of young lives.

"Our proposals will better equip young drivers to handle the dangers of driving, so they become safer motorists."

Road accidents are the biggest killer of 15-24-year-olds in the UK.

In 2005, 3377 people were injured in accidents involving young drivers in Scotland - 67 of them died.

The ABI are proposing that all learners drive for at least a year before taking their test.

During that period, they would gain experience in a variety of conditions, such as at night and in bad weather.

In Sweden a similar move has led to a 40 per cent fall in young driver road casualties.

The ABI believe new drivers under 20 should be limited to no more than one passenger of a similar age during their first six months driving.

Statistics show young drivers are three times more likely to crash when carrying three or more passengers.

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