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Seat-Belt Vote May Be Costly

Feb 27, 2007

Gerald Kearns congratulates Rep. Carl Wimmer for his work to stop the bill requiring Utah drivers to wear safety belts (Readers' Forum, Feb. 24). He calls it a vote for personal freedom. That may be a reasonable interpretation of Mr. Wimmer's vote, but that doesn't necessarily mean it was the best vote. If I am licensed to drive in Utah, my required auto insurance costs are based on the potential cost of any accident I might cause. If my state does not require safety belts to be used, the cost of any accident is likely to be greater than in a state where the safety belts are mandated. Thus my insurance premiums will increase.

Mr. Wimmer's vote may have been a vote for personal freedom, but it was definitely not a vote favoring Utah taxpayers and consumers.

Lamonte John

Burke, Va.

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