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Drivers Anxious About Icy Blast

Jan 26, 2007

An icy winter is set to put the brakes on a third of the nation's motorists, according to research by car care company Comma.

With the Met Office predicting an increase in the frequency of freezing cold snaps in the coming weeks, Comma's survey found that the forecast does not bode well for the confidence of the majority of UK motorists.

Icy conditions came top of the uneasiness poll, registering 32% of votes and indicating that drivers feel most at risk when control of their vehicle is inhibited by a lack of grip.

Almost as many drivers cited impaired visibility during fog as the most unpopular driving condition, while slightly less admitted their unease when driving through snow.

Comparatively few motorists have concerns about driving through sleet, rain or thunder and lightning, while fewer still are troubled by high winds and glaring sunshine. Department for Transport figures show that more than 1,750 incidents were recorded during snowy and foggy weather in the UK last year.

Meanwhile, Sainsbury's Car Insurance is warning motorists to be on their guard against "frosting".

The company warns that thousands of motorists could fall victim to the so-called crime where opportunist thieves take advantage of drivers who leave their cars unattended while warming up the engine. Between 2000 and 2005 there were 121,730 frosting incidents.

Richard Clark, Sainsbury's Car Insurance manager, says: "Many thieves are opportunistic and will look to steal your car if you leave it running unattended.

"We are concerned that the cold weather will result in more people taking this risk and becoming victims of frosting."

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