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Anyone over the age of 50 will find some great benefit in knowing precisely what AARP is and what it has to offer. AARP Insurance once stood for the American Association of Retired Persons: it is a non-government organization that has expanded access of its offerings to those that are not retired. The company is now referred to as AARP Insurance. AARP Insurance is a solely unbiased, non-profit entity that currently boasts more than 35 million members. In fact, AARP Insurance predicts that its membership will continue to increase: an astounding 70 million members, many of which will be baby boomers, are expected to sign on with AARP within the next decade.

AARP had its early beginnings in the National Retired Teachers Association, also known as NRTA, an organization that was founded by Dr. Ethel Percy Andrus in the late 1940s. AARP and NRTA share many of the same organizational values: NRTA was first established to support and share Andrus’ values about aging productively and to supply all retired teachers with the necessary health insurance that they required during their later years. Later, NRTA branched out, evolving into AARP Insurance and thereby allowing for all people over the age of 50 to get in on the health insurance offerings. While NRTA still exists, it is now a smaller division of the larger AARP entity.

AARP is heralded as a defender of the elderly and their interests. Taking on the task of promoting a health lifestyle for the elderly, AARP Insurance lobbies for both state and federal change to the benefit of the American elderly, an action that is allowed via AARP’s 501(c)(4) status. Since AARP is not part of any political party nor does it promote any particular party or candidate, AARP Insurance stands for the voice of the American people, particularly those over the age of 50.

The AARP organization offers more than health insurance to the elderly: many times the association offers special and reduced rates for myriad activities. The elderly can get special discounts on tourist opportunities and attractions, on car rentals, and on hotel or motel accommodations. Many such discounts are simply an added benefit to the low cost car and health insurance that the elderly are given access to through AARP. AARP Insurance also works hard toward keeping all of its members educated. AARP offers financial advice in terms of money management for the retired, and the organization helps to protect the elderly from financial scams.

AARP has its own financial subsidiary, AARP Financial Incorporated, which in turn handles and controls the AARP Insurance funds and authorized financial products. In addition, the AARP Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit division that works toward gaining the funding that the elderly can use in the event that they require legal assistance, employment training, and special educational services.

AARP has been extremely influential in the change of government laws and continues to remain influential today. In the past, AARP has successfully swayed the United States Congress to pass a Medicare Prescription Drug Improvement Act, an act that established Part D of Medicare. Also, in 2005, AARP Insurance influenced the Congress in terms of Social Security changes.

AARP produces a number of publications each year and is responsible for the AARP Magazine, formerly called the Modern Maturity Magazine: a magazine aimed at aging Americans. Steve Slon currently edits AARP magazine, and the magazine was first founded in 1958. Consisting of bi-monthly issues, the AARP Magazine is given to all 35+ million members of AARP Insurance. In addition to the AARP magazine, members have access the AARP Bulletin, Segunda Jeventud, and Live & Learn publications, all managed by the AARP organization.

Who Qualifies for AARP Membership?

Males and females over the age of 50 can become a member of AARP. Membership is a mere $12.50 annually, thereby making membership quite affordable. If members have a spouse, a single membership covers both individuals. Individuals can sign up for AARP INSURANCE members via the Internet using secure online services.

What Does AARP Offer Members?

Current and future AARP members can get access to:

  • A Voice in Legislation
  • Access to the AARP Bulletin
  • Access to the AARP Magazine
  • Advice on Consumer Issues
  • Advice on Elderly Care
  • Advice on Financial Planning
  • Advice on Health
  • AARP Automobile Insurance
  • Discount Online Services
  • Discount Phone Services
  • Discount Travel Opportunities
  • Educational Courses
  • AARP Health insurance
  • Homeowner’s Insurance
  • Tax Preparation Assistance
  • And much more!